Sunday, October 28, 2007

Special edition of Fabulous Movies

Last night, my friend A and I had a special edition of FMRNS Night. We found out that the Rocky Horror Picture Show was playing at a historical theater downtown, and we KNEW we had to go!

Rocky Horror was a movie that wasn't on the list because apparently you have to be in exactly the right setting to watch it. It isn't so much the movie itself that's Fabulous, it's the atmosphere and the people you see it with. We never knew if we would get a chance to see this movie in this very specific setting, but when the opportunity arose to see a midnight showing, we jumped at the chance.

I wore a pretty pink wig (ok, so it was a cheap $10 wig that I bought on the internet for a friends bachelorette party), some HOTT pink eyelashes, and black lipstick. S.E.X.Y. let me tell ya. Pardon the bad camera phone picture...

There's even an Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Website. Definitely check it out!!

This was an amazing experience - everyone should find a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show (now running strong for 32 years!!) at a big theater, dress up and enjoy this movie!!!


Amanda said...

I should do that with my hair ;)

Carrie said...

Okay, your post has me feeling old -

In high school, I regularly went to midnight showings of Rocky. On anniversaries (the 9th year of RHPS in my city was particularly memorable), I dressed as Magenta.

::sigh:: Ah, the good old days...