Monday, October 8, 2007

So, what's the grade??

While I was just checking my UNT WebCT Vista page to read up on discussion postings and print out the latest articles that I need to read this week, I decided to pop into my assignments page to see if the Strategic Planning Interview paper that was due on September 20th was graded yet. Since it was no longer in the 'submitted' box, I hastily clicked over to the 'graded' box to see what I got...

Well, there is no grade listed. There is some decent feedback about my paper, but NO GRADE. Grrr...that's frustrating, especially considering that paper is worth 20% of my final grade. I guess I'll just have to wait a little longer to find out how I did.

Here's another 'it's funny now' story for ya. After the spring semester was over, I was stalking my UNT Student page to see my final grades for the semester. I was SHOCKED to see that I had received an 'F' in my Public Libraries class. Now, seriously, I shouldn't have worried because I had gotten As on all my assignments and posted everything on time, but seeing that 'F' really freaked me out!! So I emailed the professor...then a week later, I tried calling. Then I called the SLIS office and was told that he doesn't have office hours in the summer and to email him... Well, I went around and around for 2 weeks before this professor FINALLY called me back. He said "of course you got an A!" It was just a data entry error. I told him that he gave me a few gray hairs, and he laughed at me. Then he told me that the office secretary (who I talked to at least twice), said I sounded very calm considering I was fighting an 'F.' Yes - calm under pressure!!

It all worked out in the end. Besides, I can't fail a Public Libraries class - I practically LIVE in the Public Library!!! So yeah, not so funny then, but I can chuckle about it now!

And I'm still waiting to hear about my Capstone Experience. They said I'll hear about that on October 26. I don't know if I can wait 18 more days!!!

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