Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Love to Read Tuesday!

Today's theme is I love to read!!! All of todays books have to do with books, reading, or going to the library. I found some cute ones today!!!

It's also Fabulous Movies Real's Never Seen Night with my good friend A. For FNRNS, we have seen movies from all decades and all genres. My least favorite genre is Horror - I H.A.T.E. being scared. There aren't too many horror movies on the list, and even I have to admit that the ones we have seen (The Shining, Psycho, The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer, etc.) have all been fabulous. And I never want to see any of them again.

I shudder just thinking about most of them!!!

I have one of those 'it's funny now' stories about a FMRNS evening or horror. I am pretty sure it was the night we watched The Shining. I was getting ready to leave A's place. He lives in kind of a secluded area, and I have to walk (not too far, but far enough) to get to my car. It's always dark when I leave, and I'm not really a fan of the dark anyway, but to go walking in a secluded area in the dark by myself after watching The Shining?!?! Yeah, not cool. Anyway, I go to leave and open the door (remember, it's probably almost midnight at this time), and there is a PERSON standing in the doorway!!! Me, being the calm person I am, SCREAM BLOODY MURDER in this guys face, and run back into the house screaming and crying. Poor guy didn't even know what hit him. Not so funny then, but when A and I reminisced about this the other day? HI-FREAKIN-LARIOUS!!!

Anyway, our last horror movie was Creepshow, and that was about three months ago. So, I guess I'm due for another. This week's selection: The Serpent and the Rainbow.

Notice the tag line on the poster says "Don't bury me...I'm not dead!" Nice.

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Anonymous said...

While I wasn't a fan of that movie, it did remind me of a great movie called "The Seventh Sign." You should add that to your list!