Wednesday, July 18, 2007

GoodReads anyone?

Confession: I love to read.

I bet you already figured that out, though, me being a librarian and all.

I also love to hear what other people are reading. Just cuz I'm nosy like that.

I am lucky to have heard about a great website called GoodReads. You know how with MySpace, you collect friends, and you can look at their profiles and pictures and read their blogs and all that fun stuff? Well, GoodReads is kinda like MySpace for book lovers.

Some of the features include:

Already Read Shelf: They have an enormous database of books, and you can search out all the books you have ever read and put them on your book shelf. It also allows you to give a starred rating to the books you have read.

To-Read Shelf: You can search the database, or look through all your friends bookshelves to see what they have read. If you see anything interesting that you might want to read, you can put those titles on your To-Read shelf.

Currently Reading Shelf: You can mark the books that you are reading right now.

Date Read: There is also a place where you can mark the month and year when you read the book. I think that's cool!! Then you have a record of everything you read in a certain month, and how many books you read in a year.

Updates: You can also change the settings so that GoodReads will send you a once daily email with the updates your friends have made to their profiles.

***deep breath***

Sorry, just thinking about all this is making me all warm and fuzzy and giddy inside.

Be careful, though, it can be addictive... And because of all my wonderful friends on GoodReads, I now have 28 books on my To-Read shelf. I should get on that! =)


kaitlin said...

Noooooooooo. Not another addiction! Have you seen PaperBackSwap??

MJ said...

I don't have this addiction in full swing yet. I'd love to but inputting all those books seems really really painstaking to me and I don't know why....LOVE! I hope one day I'll open up, sit down and GOOD BOOK IT ALL DAY LONG :)