Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pomp and Circumstance

Well, today is the day. I have finally arrived - I am officially a Real Librarian. The ceremony was at 9:00 this morning!!!

As you know, I decided not to make the trip to Denton, Texas to walk in the graduation ceremony. I am totally okay with that decision - I never really felt a pull to go there. It might have been different if I actually knew any of my classmates, but since I took all of my classes online, I wouldn't know anyone. Besides, my DH wouldn't have been able to go with me, my parents couldn't have gone, and I would have had to take a bunch of vacation from work.

So instead, I am sitting at work wearing my graduation gear - my cap, gown, hood and tassel. There is a beautiful balloon attached to my chair that says Congratulations! and my coworkers presented me with a card and some yummy candy! Ahh, so exciting!!!

I found this picture - some graduation tips for those who ARE actually walking graduation.

I suppose this means I have to start looking for a new job, huh? More on that later...

My poor DH has to work tonight until 10, so we are planning on celebrating later. So, instead, my friend A is taking me to Red Lobster (mmmmmm!!!), and we are going to have Bonus Night of FMRNS!! YAY!!!

Tonight's feature is the original Hairspray from 1988 with Sonny Bono and Ricki Lake. I haven't seen the new one yet, because I was told that I couldn't see it until I saw the original. I'm excited!!!


Bigenarian Librarian said...

Doesn't it feel good to be done?

Amanda said...

Congratulations!! I'm so proud of you!! I say "ha!" to the schools that didn't take you and so glad you went through UNT :)

Check out the movie "Cry Baby" with Johnny's from the 80's, a musical, and cracks me's one of me and my sister's favorites :)

Carrie said...

Congrats from a grad of that other Texas library school (GO HORNS)! It is a wonderful thing to be finished. I didn't go to my grad either, as it was the first day of my new job. You will not miss it.

And, John Waters is a cheesetastic movie GOD. I second Amanda's suggestion of Cry Baby (because Johnny Depp could be in a hemorrhoid commercial and I'd watch it), and also suggest Serial Mom for sheer weird Kathleen Turner funny.

Leslie said...

You have a lot to be proud of! Congratulations. :)

Rhonda said...

Congrats Katie Sue! I am so proud of you! You totally deserve wearing that cap and gown....did you wear it to Red Lobster?