Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How do you find me?

I have a StatCounter on my blog that tracks things like the location of people who read my blog, as well as keywords people use when they stumble upon it.

I was shocked to see that I got a hit from Singapore, Romania, Finland and the Netherlands - all in one day!! Very, very cool!!!

Anyway, I was looking at the Recent Keyword Activity, and here are some of the searched people used to find me:

Pomegranate martini from Ruby Tuesday (mmmmmmm)

librarian unt program (it's a great program!)

being nice to the librarian (that's definitely a good idea!)

librarian scary patron stories (I have got a few of those!)

foursomes (get your mind out of the gutter!)

blogspot mean librarian (I'm not mean! Okay, sometimes...)

real confessions (that's what I do!)

office confessions tryst (well, I don't recall a tryst)

librarian boobs (Um...I don't remember showing mine off...)

Well, however you got here, I appreciate your taking the time to read my thoughts and stories!! Thank you!!!!!


Amanda said...

Hahahah....that is good stuff!! You'll have to show me where you got your stat counter at :)

A Real Librarian said...

I guess I forgot to link to the StatCounter!!! The website is It is also now linked in my blog post!


Rhonda said...

I want a stat do I do that?

bethany said...

LMAO! "Librarian boobs"!