Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good Patrons

It seems that if I blog about the patrons at my library, I blog about the bad patrons. The rude, the inconsiderate, the stupid...

The fine bloggers over at Tales from the "Liberry" decided to have a 'Good Patron' week - dedicating the blog for the week to some of the nice friendly patrons. The ones who are respectful and kind and make us feel good about what we do. So, I decided to dedicate todays entry to couple of patrons who make me love my job.

First, I have to talk about my story time kids. I know I shouldn't, but I have a couple favorites. There are two brothers. They are seriously SO CUTE it hurts!! They don't come in too often anymore, but when they do, I get rushed. Two sweet little boys running full tilt at me - and I love it! These two little boys bring the biggest smile to my face every time they come in. Not only are these boys the sweetest kids, but their mom is also one of my favorite people. When I got married last year, mom took the older of the two boys shopping for a wedding gift. He desperately wanted to get me a hairbrush (how CUTE is that?!) but mom helped him pick out the sweetest smelling candle instead. He was so proud of that candle!

And then there is my favorite little girl who comes in dressed as a fairy princess half the time. This little sweetheart will talk your ear off if you let her, which I always do! It turns out that her mom is also one of my favorite people - always so encouraging and considerate. They love coming into the library!

Next, I'm going to tell you about one of the sweetest older men I have ever met. He started coming in around a year ago - I remember because it was sometime just after the wedding. He needed some information about World War II and I found him exactly what he needed. He now comes in once every couple of weeks. He is an artist and an inventor, and frequently asks for information from the internet - though he doesn't know how to use it (the internet, that is). I've printed a couple pages here and there for him, and he is always so appreciative. He is also very complimentary - always telling me I am beautiful (maybe that's why I like him) and telling me to leave my husband and run away with him (don't worry, honey!). He came in yesterday asking for some information that required a little research, and told me he would come back today for the results of my search. To thank me for my work, he brought me the most beautiful rose. Awww!

I have another patron who comes in quite often - usually to find books for her kids. A couple of times she has come in and asked for books for her. We've spent lots of time talking about what each of us had read and recommending this book or that book. One day I sent her home with 6 books - she was thrilled!!

Last but not least - one of my favorite patrons to chat with. She has 3 teenage boys, and the best attitude I have ever seen. She is always so upbeat and positive, and has the best sense of humor. She seriously cracks my ass up!! We've plotted getting together for a 'book club' that consists of more wine and brownies than books - hahaha!

Every day we have amazing patrons who come in to the library. They say please and thank you, are truly appreciative for the help they are receiving and remind me why I love this job.

I am so grateful for them.

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Rhonda said...

Awwww....those were such sweet stories. You are beautiful and I would have brought you roses too!