Monday, December 17, 2007

This is a library

Two teenage girls are sitting in one of the study rooms at the library. I walk by and notice they have the lights off and a candle burning.

Real Librarian: **knock knock** Excuse me, you can't burn candles in the library.
Teenage Girl: We can't? Why not?
RL: (Do I really have to say this?!) Um, because this is a library.
TG: Oh.

Really? How could you honestly think that this was acceptable library behavior?!


Amanda said...

what *WERE* they doing anyway???

Carrie said...

Love spells & magick potions?

Hello! Freakin' fire codes, duh?

Sunny Lea said...

Wow... just... wow.

Rhonda said...

LOL....who really thinks that they can go into a library and light a candle? And just what where they doing?

Mary M. said...

duh. I wish I had your patience!