Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday at the 'brary

Just a little list of today's questions and comments!

Guest pass for the computer.

**Where's the holdshelf?

"There are words on my computer and I can't get them off."

How do I print this?

**Holiday books for kids

Cancel my reservation.

Extra headphones?

Where is the bathroom?

We need to get on a couple computers.

Do you have printing? How much is it? How do I do it?

**How to get a library card

**An obituary.

**Books about Mount Saint Helens.

**The Book of Wizard Crafts

A 4th grader filled out a Pen Pal Application

How do I print?

**Books on Mt. Pinatubo

**Books on recycling

**Update address on library card

"Will the front desk give me change for a $2 bill?" (This one was actually asked to a co-worker of mine).

Copy machine out of toner

**Consumer reports on vacuums

All the starred ones are actual library related questions. I'm actually kinda impressed by the number - a lot of times Sundays are mostly filled with computer related questions.

So here's a big ROCK ON to the users of my library today!!!

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