Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bonus Night!

This past Thursday, my friend A and I decided to have a Bonus Night of Fabulous Movies Real's Never Seen! So, that would make it BNFMRNS... or FMRNS x2... or FMRNS The BONUS Edition!

Anyway, since our last two movies were pretty heavy (La Strada and The Last Temptation of Christ), we decided that we needed something a little lighter.

Tootsie with Dustin Hoffman and Jessica Lange was the PERFECT comedy!! If you haven't seen it, you definitely need to!!!

Then, last night, I took my DH out for his birthday dinner - anywhere he wanted to go! He decided on Ghengis Grill, a Mongolian Stir-Fry restaurant. It was SO good!! You can either build your own bowl - choose the protein, seasonings, veggies, sauce and starch, or you can use one of their recipes to build one of their bowls. DELICIOUS!!!!

Since we both had to get up early for work today, DH and I decided that his birthday celebration would continue on tonight - so we might hit the theater and see what movies are playing right now.

Either that, or we will watch one of the movies I have from the library right now: Mr. Brooks (with Kevin Costner), Collateral (with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx), or start the first season of Heroes! Man, I love the library!!


Leslie said...

I'm voting for the first season of Heroes! It is so awesome. :)

Mary M. said...

Happy Birthday Scott! glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Brooks was creepy but good. We love those stir fry places. Hope your DH had a good birthday!

Amanda said...

Hahaha I thought Tootsie was great too! Saw you were chucking through Heroes! Let me know how it is :)