Monday, December 10, 2007

Surrounded by talent

I'm going to take a moment and introduce you to a couple of my talented friends. Several of the people I know have some amazing talents, and I wanted to share some of their fabulousness with others!!

First, I'd like you to meet Delilah Why. They are an amazing rock band based here in Nashville, Tennessee. Yes, I said ROCK band and Nashville, Tennessee in the same sentence. Don't be surprised - Nashville is home to all kinds of music, not just country. That's also why we are called Music City. Anyway, this band has an amazing chemistry and a phenomenal sound.

Last night, Delilah Why participated in the Bodog Battle of the Bands, and they ROCKED THE HOUSE!!! We are pulling for these guys - the winner gets a major record contract and a reality TV show! And Dave, Dan, Pete and Cullen certainly deserve it. If you are feeling generous, you can sign up for a free Bodog membership, search for Delilah Why, and vote for them for a Wildcard slot in the next round! I mean, if you dig their music...

Check out their website or their MySpace Page to listen to some of their music!! They just released their new CD (Congrats, guys!!) And remember, Delilah Why loves you!


The next friend I'd like to introduce you to is Lynn, from the blog Diving for Pearls and the Etsy store OysterGirl Knits. Lynn (also known as Lynny-Pooh, and She who ROCKS MY FACE OFF) is a very talented knitter. She gave DH and I a very beautiful and detailed knitted blanked for our wedding present, and it is amazing - so soft and warm! She has also knitted a plethora of beautiful hats and scarfs, along with many other different things. Lynn was even kind enough to teach me how to knit (I, however, am not nearly as skilled).

Lynn is also a very talented singer/guitar player! She recently came to my branch library and had a program for the kiddies - Miss Lynn Sings Songs Old and New. It was a blast and the kids all had a great time singing and dancing along!!!

Anyway, Lynn has a number of beautiful hand knitted items available for sale in her Etsy store OysterGirl Knits. Check her out!!


The next friend I'd like you to meet is Lisa from the blog Love, Life and Soap. Lisa has an amazing talent for soap and soy candle making!! That's right - I said Soy candle making. Soy is a much better alternative to regular paraffin candles, as they are better for the environment including the air you breathe, and they release minimal soot. Buying soy candles also supports the soy farmers in America - and you gotta love that!! Soy candles burn longer with a better scent throw and come in all different kinds of beautiful colors! She has some delicious flavors available for sale, including Honeysuckle, Basil Sage Mint, Mango Papaya, and Pumpkin Crunch.

If you are interested in a complete list of all the flavors she creates (in both Candles and Soap), as well as pricing information, you can send Lisa at email at soynationcandles[at]gmail[dot]com.


Finally, I would like to introduce you to the amazingly talented photographer, Emily Jackson. She has recently started her own photo journalistic photography business. Check out her site, emily jackson photography to see some of her fabulous work and find booking information. You should also check out her blog to see some of her recent work, including pictures from a destination wedding of our mutual friends Ashley and Joey from Compass Point in Nassau, Bahamas.

I am so proud of Emily - she is such a talented photographer with an amazing eye. She is definitely going to go far!!

Thanks for reading about my talented friends, and checking out their pages!! Basically this is my 'I know these people' post for when they all become rich and famous! I hope they don't forget me!!! =)

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