Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fabulous Thursday!!

First of all, how can it already be November?!?!

Since we weren't able to do FMRNS Night on Tuesday like usual, my friend A and I decided to postpone it until tonight!! WHOOT WHOOOOT!!!

We have two choices for the movie this week. The Terminator, with Arnold Schwarzenegger from 1984, or The Fly with Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis from 1986. Hmm, Sci-Fi/Thriller/Action or Sci-Fi/Thriller/Horror?

Which one would you watch?


Rhonda said...

I vote for Terminator....The Fly was gross, IMO.

Amanda said...

Oooo..that's tough. I've never seen The Fly so I'd probably watch that but the Terminator is classic!! If you haven't seen either one, watch Terminator :)

janineb said...

Another vote for Terminator!

Arielle said...

THE TERMINATOR! It's always called a classic action flick for men, but it has such a great story to it! I love it AND Terminator 2! Make sure you watch the sequel as well sometime!

Arielle :)