Thursday, November 29, 2007

Whack ass liberry

We are one of the few places that still has a pay phone available. It is located in our lobby, right by the front door. We always refer people to the pay phone in the lobby if they ask us to use the phone. We make very few exceptions - if an adult has an emergency, or if a kid needs to call for a ride home and they don't have any money for the pay phone. If a kid does need to use our business phone, we tell them that next time they will need to set up a time with their ride before coming to the library, or they need to bring money for the pay phone.

Today, a teenage girl comes running up to the desk.

TG: Lemme use your phone.
Real Librarian: We have a pay phone in the lobby.
TG: **while she is walking away** They gon' make me use the fucking pay phone in this whack ass liberry!

She walked away before I could ask if she was calling for a ride and she could use the phone, but after that comment, I wasn't about to help her.

The lack of respect that is circulating around society never ceases to amaze me. That and common courtesy and common sense. You don't see much of any of these things anymore!


shelby said...

What kind of whack ass operation are you running over there?



Carrie said...

I want to change the name of my library and put it on the side of the building in ginormous letters, "Whack-Ass Liberry".

It's genius!

I'm a school librarian - I feel your pain.

Amanda said...

That's hilarious!

Rach said...

Well at least they were only talking about the library...I got called something far worse for suggesting the pay phone...I also wanted to suggest where they could shove the receiver...but I didn't.

Jen said...

HA! I so would have stood up and whacked her upside the back of her whack-ass head!