Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's story time day!!

Ahh, how I love it!!

Today I decided to read books about bath time! Here are today's stories:

And, of course, it's FMRNS Night!! I LOVE it!! The choices for tonight's feature don't include The Terminator. We are going to save that for another time. These choices are Thank God It's Friday with Donna Summer and Jeff Goldblum from 1978 (another Jeff Goldblum - if you'll remember, he was also in The Fly...and I just have to say again...EW!) or La Strada with Anthony Quinn. I am pretty sure we are going with TGIF, but it's always good to have a back up!!

Which one would you choose?

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Amanda said...

Wow! I didn't even know Donna Summers was in a movie! I actually saw La Strada on TV a while ago and didn't know that was what it was...weird! I LOVE the pirate duck..hahahha...very cute :)