Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's our one year anniversary!

November 18, 2006. That's the day that I married the man of my dreams in Cozumel, Mexico. It couldn't have been more perfect. Seventeen people joined us for the wedding, our parents, siblings and a few of our closest friends.

The day was bright looking out at the ocean, but looking the other way, the sky was dark and kinda scary! Luckily, the storm held off, and gave us a perfect (yet windy) day.

This year, on our anniversary, both DH and I have to work. BUMMER!!! But, that's okay. DH has made reservations at a fancy restaurant (he still won't tell me where!), so we will be going out for a romantic dinner to celebrate.

Since the first anniversary gift is paper, I ordered DH a print from Indigo Night. You give them the special date, and they calculate what stars were out and where they were situated on that date! A personalized night sky!! I'm very excited, I know he'll love it!

Also, I ordered us a Tres Leches cake. This was the flavor of cake we had at the wedding, and it was delicious!!!! Unfortunately, we lost most of the cake in Mexico! We brought it back to our suite to put it in the fridge after the reception. What we didn't know was that one of my bridesmaids unplugged the fridge to iron her dress, and never plugged the fridge back in. It was so sad!! DH has no clue that I am getting this cake - it's going to be a great surprise!!

Anyway, after a year of marriage, I love my husband more every day. He means so much to me and I can't imagine life without him. We continue to grow together and learn about each other. He surprises me with the little things he remembers and the sweet things he does. He is always looking out for me. I appreciate him and everything he does for me and for us. I feel so fortunate to have him and am so happy we found each other!

Now, enough mush. I have some AMAZING wedding photos that I am going to share with you now. I have to give props to my fantastic photographers, Stephanie and Kristyn from Art of Light Photography. Check out their blog for their latest adventures!!

And now, some of my favorite wedding pictures!!

We had a very talented towel artist!!

This is one of my favorite pictures of my flowers

My shoes were too fun!!

I love this picture of my ring! My DH did a great job!!

This is a fantastic picture of our rings on our vows!!

The beautiful ceremony location!

I decided that all three of my Bridesmaids were Maids of Honor. This is me with Tanya, we've been friends since the 8th grade!! Isn't she gorgeous?!

This is me with my 'sista' Heather! We decided in college that we were sisters from another mother! She looks so beautiful!!

And here is me with Brenda, a dear friend from college. She was with me when we picked up everything we knew and moved to Tennessee. She is absolutely stunning!!

Our adorable little flower girl.

My dad walking me down the aisle. See how crazy dark the sky was behind us?!

This is one of my favorites!

Love the dip picture!!!

And here are some of my favorite Day After Shoot pictures! We had the best time with our photographers the morning after the wedding. It was so funny - some other guests of the resort who had seen us get married the day before actually went up to DHs mom and sister and said "Did you know your son and his new wife are rolling around on the beach and the photographers are taking pictures?!?!" lol

And last, this is the photo collage Thank You card I designed. I love how they turned out (though Shutterfly decided to cut off the very top and the very bottom of the picture!).

I know this post has nothing to do with libraries or being a librarian, but I just had to share. I am so happy and excited about our first anniversary, and know we will have many more!!


Sarita said...

Happy Anniversary Katie & Scott! You deserve all the happiness (and tres leches cake!) in the world!


Leslie said...

Awww, I love this post! Happy Anniversary! You guys had a beautiful wedding, and you looked absolutely gorgeous! :)

Bigenarian Librarian said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary!
I met my own lovely husband when we were both studying abroad in Mexico, so it is the most romantic place in the world for me. What a great place to have a wedding!

Amanda said...


We had the same thing happen with our cake- except we gave it to the staff to put in the fridge. Wnoder if it's still sitting in a kitchen in Mexico somwhere???

Have a great dinner & blessing for many more years together.

Miranda said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!! I hope you enjoy your day together, thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics :)

Courtney said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos. Happy Anniversary!

Christy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Michele said...

Happy Anniversary Katie Sue and Scott!! I loved looking at your pictures again. They are so beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy One Year Anniversary!

Amanda said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it's been a year and I LOVE your photos :)

Rhonda said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! I love the pics and could look at them over and over....they're gorgeous, as are you and your DH.