Thursday, November 8, 2007

Looking forward to the weekend

It's been a loooooooong week! My supervisor has been gone most of the week, so the other associate in the children's department and I have both spent an insane amount of time on the reference desk. I have also given 4 story times this week!!! I usually only do one a week, but I had a special group make an appointment, and I also did my supervisor's 2 Wednesday morning story times. Not that I am complaining - story times are FUN!!! AND, a couple of my favorite kids were at story time yesterday!! (shh, don't tell I have favorites)

I also had to work an 11 hour day yesterday. Dragging my ass out of bed this morning was ROUGH.

For the most part, my 11 hour day wasn't too bad. Until the very end... There really isn't much to say about this woman, other than she had a VERY nasty, stick-up-her-ass, I-am-entitled-to-everything-because-you-are-here-to-serve-me attitude. She came in 10 minutes before we closed demanding to use the computers, but they automatically shut down 15 minuted before we close. She was NOT happy, and made sure to get all library administrators phone numbers before she was content enough to leave. It wouldn't surprise me if she called the mayor about our unfair computer policies.

So, morning came way too early today. But the week I've had is going to make my 3 day weekend off that much sweeter!!

I did get some good news! I turned in an assignment for my Advanced Management class about 3 weeks ago. I had to write an Information Audit. Yeah, fun AND exciting. Anyway, I wasn't impressed with my paper, but since I am pretty much over school and couldn't stand to look at it anymore, I turned it in knowing it wasn't my best work.

I found out today that I wrote an OUTSTANDING Information Audit (really?!), with on target objectives and well thought out findings. Oh, and I have a thorough grasp of the Information Audit.


I have only ONE MORE major assignment left for my Advanced Management class and a couple more weekly assignments for both of my classes. And then?


Now...who wants to help me write a Strategic Plan?


Amanda said...

Congrats! you are so close ;)

Arielle said...

Congrats on the Information Audit. :) I second that it has been a looooong week! Thank God for the weekend!

The weekend for me is going to be a busy one, but nevertheless, it is much better than the work-week!

Arielle :)

Anonymous said...

You know what I do when grown-ups show their asses to me? I respond with a big smile and syrupy sweetness. Be more than happy to get those numbers for Miss Uppity. I think it gives her a little thrill to make you miserable so don't oblige her!

Rhonda said... are almost there!!! Keep up the great work!