Friday, November 2, 2007

Recent Patron Stories

Question from a Middle School Boy: Do you have a dictionary with ALL the words in it?


Mom with heavy foreign accent with two daughters: ::pointing to stacks of books:: Are these the DVDs?
Real Librarian: No, actually, the DVDs are over there.
MWHFA: Oh, then what are these?
RL: Um, those are books.
MWHFA: Ugh - come girls, the movies are over here.


There is this weird little family who comes into the library on a daily basis. They all come together, a young 20something (maybe even late teens) with a newborn baby, another young 20something with a 3 year old and a late 30something woman.

They all park themselves on the computers and get on MySpace. The 3 year old is completely adorable - and a little terror. Running around everywhere, screaming, calling "mommy" every three seconds (because no one will answer her), pulling books off the shelves and just getting into everything. Well, NONE of the three adults does anything to help entertain this little girl. I have told them repeatedly that children 7 and under need to stay with their parent or guardian at all times (because she continues to run around without them), but she is bored and doesn't want to sit quietly - and I don't honestly blame her. Get her a book! Get her a puzzle!!

The fact of the matter is, she is disturbing the other patrons who are just interested in some quiet time on the computer, and around the library in general. And NONE of the adults she is with are doing anything to keep her occupied. PLEASE keep an eye on your child and make sure she has something to do while you waste HOURS on MySpace!!!!


Woman on Phone (sounds like she is in late 30s, early 40s): Yes, I need to find several books on audio.
Real Librarian: Sure, what is it that you are looking for?
WoP: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison
RL: Ok, it looks like our CD copy is checked out, but we do have it available on cassette.
WoP: On what?
RL: Audio cassette.
WoP: Yes, I heard you, but what is that?
RL: What is an audio cassette? (How do you explain this?!?!?!) Um, it's what people used to use before CDs became popular.
WoP: So like a video?
RL: No, it's not like a VHS or a movie, it's an audio cassette. Do you have a tape deck or a stereo with a cassette player?
WoP: No, I'm still not sure what you mean.
RL: Well, chances are if you are unsure what a cassette is then this format will probably not work for you.


Woman with 4 small children leaving story time: So, no babies this year?
Real Librarian: Nope, no babies.
Ww4C: Well, I thought for sure you would have some soon - usually woman get pregnant within the first year of marriage, and your one year is coming up!
RL: ***amazed that a random patron is keeping track of her uterus AND wedding anniversary*** Nope, no babies.


P.S. He made me watch The Fly. Um, ew.


Amanda said...

Wow...I can't belive those stories. And the random patron keeping track of your life...ahahahahaha. Wow!

Rhonda said... have the best patron stories.

And I warned you about the Fly....yuck!

April & Kevin said...

Lol. I love patron stories, keep 'em coming =) Hey, at least your job is entertaining, hehe...

Leslie said...

So great. MWHFA kills me.

Just Another Small Town Girl said...

LOL! Love the stories.....and seriously, she didn't know what an cassette was?!?! Yikes!

Miss Lynn said...

I'm pretty sure you would have said "Yuck" at Terminator, too. And I also cannot believe that a grown woman did not know what a cassette was?!? I mean, my car is a '98 and it has a built in cassette player! We're not talking about a wax cylinder here--this is technology that has been used very recently. What is wrong with people?

Anonymous said...

Where do I begin? Let's see if I can remember everything...

1. That little boy posed a reasonable question.

2. I always thought it weird when I saw a "play area" inside my local libraries but the story about the wandering 3 year old clears that up. However, parents should never leave their children unattended, play area or not. How great of parents were these anyway if MySpace is more important to them?

3. I am 25 and I fully recall the days of audio cassettes. I remember my first time using a cd and I asked, "What songs are on side B?"

4. Don't fret. My one year mark was in October and I'm nowhere near knocked up. You may want to talk to Gillian, though.

Arielle said...

Your patron stories cracked me up! Literally! Those are classic.

When/if you do get pregnant, the nosy patron will probably tell you your conception date and due date...then she may ask if she can babysit your watch out. Haha.

So you've been married almost a year? Congrats. :) I'm getting married in about 5 months.

Watch The Terminator!!!

Arielle :)