Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tactless and Unprofessional

Yup, that's me!! I don't usually get a lot of complaints about me, but the past two days I guess I have just been a giant pain in the ass! Maybe I should reconsider public service - maybe I'm just not cut out for this!!

Honestly, though...I don't think it's me.

Here is the latest fun phone conversation with a fantastically wonderful professional woman.

Professional Woman: I need to put a video on hold, but I don't have my library card with me.
Real Librarian: I'm sorry, it's library policy that we need to have your library card to put things on hold.
PW: But I don;t have it, it fell off my key chain and I am at work and it's at home.
RL: I'm sorry, it's library policy that we need to have your library card number to put things on hold for you.
PW: I don't see why this has to be such a big ordeal, can't you just hold it under my name?
RL: (deep breath) I am not supposed to do that because of library policy, but I will do it for you this one time. Next time you will need to have your library card (just because I didn't want to have a huge problem).

She tells me the video, I go get it and come back.

RL: Can you spell your name for me please?
PW: (spells name huffily - like I should already know). I'll be in after I get off work, around 7.
RL: Ok, we close at 8, so if you are not here by the end of the day, the video will go back on the shelf.
PW: You don't have to be so rude. I'm a professional woman.
PW: Are you a college graduate?
PW: I asked you if you are a college graduate?
RL: I don't see how that is any of your business.
PW: Well, I am a professional woman, and as a professional person, you should use a little more tact and say something like "policy states that if you are not here by......."
RL: ((fuming because she had NO TIME for policy 2 minutes ago))
PW: I just think you are being rude and unprofessional and could use more tact when dealing with people.
RL: Thank you SO much for your thoughts. *click* (ok, so maybe that was a little tactless...)

My first mistake was doing this woman a favor. Here is what I should have said:

You know, thank you for reminding me that I am a professional person. As a professional, I really feel that I need to comply with library policy. I am sorry, I will not be able to put this video on hold without your library card. (I would like to add certain expletives here, but being that I am full of tact and professionalism, I will leave these out.)

I'll have to remember that for next time.

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Anonymous said...

Yes I am reading your posts in order and commenting as I see fit... but who posts 5 times in one day? :)

Anyone who calls herself "professional" 3 times in one conversation is NOT professional. Show it don't say it, biatch! (...is what I'd tell the lady if I had balls.)