Saturday, August 25, 2007

Music and More!!

Have I ever told you that I have the best job ever? No? Well...

I have the best job EVER.

Today I spent the day at a workshop called "Music and More: Rhythm, Rhymes & Reading." It was an all day workshop designed to help teachers and librarians use music and more in their lessons and story times. And it was a blast!!!

My first session was led by Katherine Dines. She is a singer/songwriter who originally started out writing country and pop music, but now focuses on music for children. You can read more about Katherine Dines and her music for kids on her website.

In her session, we sang songs, did a couple chants, and learned the importance of music and the young child's brain. (Did you know that sounds, rhythm, rhyme and movement promote reading, language and literacy?)

We also had a make and take session where we made jingle bracelets with chenille stems and bells!

The second session was led by storyteller Lisa Vinson. She is amazing - full of energy and great ideas on how to incorporate music as well as free or inexpensive crafts into lessons and story times.

We also had a make and take session with Lisa - and we got to make TONS of fun stuff!!! Check it out!

All you do is take yellow sponges and cut them in to strips to make these French fries!! McDonald's donated a bunch of those French fry sleeves (free advertising!!).

Then we made microphones! These can be so much fun in so many different ways. You can make 'announcements' if it's someones birthday, if someone got new shoes, or if someone wants to show everyone their newest OWIE!! All you need is a toilet paper roll, a strip of black paper, a Styrofoam ball and a sheet of aluminum foil. A couple dabs of glue - and there you go! Karaoke anyone??

Then we made PIZZA!! Of course, there are some great books and songs about pizza out there, and this is a great craft to go along with those stories. All you need is a brown paper lunch bag - rip off the bottom piece (where it folds on the bag) and roll the edges of the bottom piece in. Then shape your 'dough,' add red construction paper or tissue paper for the sauce and top with whatever!

And what storytelling workshop is complete without a CROWN?!?! I made this fabulous crown out of one of those tin pie pans that you can get at a grocery store or Wal*Mart or wherever. Then I duct taped the edges (careful, they can be sharp!) and then decorated with some bling. Seriously, how cool is that? =)

Everyone got a door prize as well. I drew number 62, and here is what I got in my bag:

The first book in the Travelers Through Time series:

A Biography about George W. Bush (um...thanks?):

A Rookie reader about maps and globes:

A cute little poetry book by Tomie DePaola:

The game Doodle Dice:

And the newest issue of U.S. Toy Company magazine.

What a great way to spend the day!!!


shelby said...

Looking at those FFs and pizza is actually making me hungry! :)

Amanda said...

I think you should wear the crown everyday at work and use the microphone to address stupid patrons!