Thursday, August 23, 2007

Library question of the day

Here I sit. At the library. Behind a desk, situated at a computer. I have the word 'Information' in big letters attached to the wall behind me. In front of my desk, hanging from the rafters is another sign that says 'Information.' And I just finished helping a patron find a riveting book about Greek mythology.

A patron walks up to the desk.

Patron: Do you work here?

(Ok, I probably shouldn't make fun of this person - and the several other people who have managed to ask the exact same question - but seriously? Do I work here?)

Real Librarian: No, sorry. You might try asking the giant stuffed Tigger if he can help you.

I work in the Children's department at the reference desk. Patrons also tend to make this statement:

Patron: I doubt you can help me since you are a children's person, but I need a book.

(Um, excuse me? I can't help you find a BOOK because I work at the children's desk? WHAAAA?!?! I can help you. I am a smart educated reference librarian. I am skilled in the searching. I can find you what you are looking for based on the COLOR of the BOOK!!! But, you know what, never mind, I take that back - you are probably beyond help. But instead, I say...)

RL: *smile* I can certainly try to help you.

It's all actually pretty amusing. Some of the things that come out of the mouths of patrons really crack me up. More on that some other time!


Rhonda said...

LOL...your stupid patron stories crack me up!

Courtney said...

Librarians need to start wearing uniforms - how about those blue vests like at Walmart? They seem to work well

Rach said...

A patron called today to ask if we could find and give her Oprah Winfey's home phone number. Sure the public library has that information??!!HUH?