Wednesday, August 8, 2007

T-Shirts from WE Fest

There were some interesting folk at WE Fest... I mean, with about 65,000 people there you are going to run into some crazy things to look at!! There were tons of people wearing things they probably shouldn' the incredibly drunk guy in the bikini...NOT pretty.

Here are some of my favorite slogans from some t-shirts I saw (and thanks to Rochelle for helping me put this together!):

**On a woman who had to be in her mid 60s**
Give me another beer, you're still ugly

What MEN know about WOMEN:
1. They have boobs
2. " " "
3. " " "
4. " " "
5. " " "

**With a picture of a tequila bottle and lime**
It's okay, you can play with me, I've had my shots

Free Hugs

Will Sell Wife for Beer

**with a 4 leaf clover**
Irish I was drunk

I'm here, now what are your other 2 wishes?

From now on, we'll f*&# things up MY way

I killed a 6 pack just to watch it die

Can you tell me what I did at WE Fest?

**from WE Fest 2001**
They've got concerts here?

I wish I would have thought to get pictures of all of these!! Obviously I wasn't thinking...

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