Monday, August 20, 2007

Adventures with the in-laws

Well, the in-laws are gone!! We had a great time with all of them!!! I LOVE my new sister-in-law - she is pretty much the bomb diggety smack. And SUPERWOMAN. I don't know how she takes care of her 3 kids (a 5 year old girl and twin 2 year old girls) and works 50-60 hours a week as a physical therapist! DAMN.

Anyway, we had so much fun! We went to the Nashville Zoo, Cheekwood Botanical Garden (where they were having a special "Once Upon a Garden" exhibit), and of course took the girls swimming!!!

Here are some pictures from the Zoo!

A Meerkat:
The girls' dad and two of the kiddies in the meerkat area, checking things out.

My dear husband goofing around.

At the petting zoo.

One of the twins pushing her daddy in the stroller. Those twins are TOO CUTE!!!

We had a great time on the carousel!!

My SIL and I decided that we needed some girl time, so we left the kids with the guys and got pedicures! It was so great to be able to relax and I am pretty sure SIL enjoyed the time without having to push strollers around! We went to the mall and walked around for a minute before we stopped off at Ruby Tuesdays where I had the BEST pomegranate martini EVER!!! The guys also got some time to themselves - they went to see Transformers (my hubby has now seen it in the theater 4 times!!!).

I gotta tell you - kids are exhausting!!! It was a blast, and we all had a great time, but when they left, DH and I collapsed on the couch and could do nothing but watch movies for the rest of the weekend! (Moms - I applaud you. I can't imagine doing what you all do day in and day out!!! Y'all deserve some major credit!!)

It's all of a sudden really quiet in my apartment... No little voices asking for milk or little feet running around. I had to read Little Pea and Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus to myself this morning. Now that I'm back to being caught up on my sleep, I miss those little girls!!


Amanda said...

They are so cute :) looks like you had a blast!

Courtney said...

aw they are so cute!