Saturday, August 11, 2007

New Books

Ordering new books for the branch is just one of the cool things I get to do at my job. I used to get to order all the juvenile fiction, juvenile non-fiction and juvenile audio-visual titles for the branch. That was when we were short staffed. Anyway, a couple things got shifted around and now I am in charge of ordering just the A/V titles. I like the A/V list, but I really miss the Juv Fiction list... *sigh* But enough of that.

Anyway, we just got a bunch of new books that we ordered in at my branch!! I love looking through all the new stuff that I got to help pick out. Here are a couple titles that we just got in:

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Stephanie said...

Juvenile, huh? What ages?
If you have recommendations for my 11 year old daughter, I'll take them. She's a reading freak just like her mother and we're running out of stuff!