Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boing! Story time day!!

We got a nifty booking video in (little videos with public performance rights that we keep in stock for story time and program use. We like to show a short video based on a book to compliment story time) based on the book called Joey Runs Away by Jack Kent, so I decided that it was time for a Kangaroo story time!! YAY!! Luckily, we have some great kangaroo books lying about the library!!

McGillycuddy Could! by Pamela Duncan Edwards

Counting Kangaroos: A book about numbers by Marcia Leonard (sorry, no pic!!!)

Boing! by Nick Bruel

Tonight is FMRNS!! WHOOOOT!!! I always get so excited for Tuesdays...as you well know. Anyway, tonight we are going to watch The Bridge over the River Kwai, a drama/adventure from 1957 with William Holden and Jack Hawkins. This is one of the movies we got from NetFlix, which is exciting. Seriously, NetFlix is rocking my face off. My hubby likes the show Dirty Jobs, which is on the Discovery Channel. We don't have cable, but we were able to get a couple collection disks of Dirty Jobs from NetFlix! He was so excited!! BONUS points for me!!!

Plus, Mike Rowe is hot...



Carrie said...

Netflix has been rocking my face off as well! I'm considering dropping the cable!

My best friend LOVES Mike Rowe.

Azull said...

I love Mike Rowe too, he's the best. I love Dirty Jobs and he's also the narrator for Deadliest Catch another fav of mine!