Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I don't understand

Finally - another patron story!!

So, this lady comes up to the desk, we'll call her Clue Less. (FYI - DVDs are a free checkout for 7 days, but are $2 a day if they are late. When giving out new cards, I ALWAYS make sure to tell people this, and I have heard that the circulation staff reminds patrons of this, too).

Clue Less: I need to put an audio book on hold, The Bronze Bow.
Real Librarian: ::looks it up:: We don't have it here at this branch, but I can put it on hold for you. Would you prefer CD or Cassette?
CL: Um, I don't know. What's a cassette?
RL: ::um, what's a cassette?!?! You are 40 - you should KNOW what a cassette is!!:: Do you have a tape player?
CL: No.
RL: Then we'll put the CD on hold for you. Can I see your library card, please?
CL: ::hands over card::
RL: ::discovers that the patron has too many fines:: I'm sorry, it looks like you have $46.oo in fines from items that were returned late.
CL: Four to six dollars? I don't understand.
RL: ::prints off receipt:: Forty-six dollars. Here's a list of your fines.
CL: I don't understand.
RL: Well, it looks like there are 12 DVDs that were returned late. Eleven of them were 2 days late, so they are each $4, and one is 1 day late, so that's $2. A total of $46.00.
CL: Four to six dollars? I don't understand. (Yes, she said this AGAIN).

Anyway, it went back and forth like this for a few more minutes. Finally, after referring back to the receipt I printed out and saying FORTY SIX in as many ways possible, I was able to get her to understand. Yikes. So, not only does she understand that she owes us $46, she also knows that she does not have a cassette player. Good stuff.


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lol You crack me up KS!!

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That is too funny! You should submit that to

Heather said...

That was probably my mother in law, playing dumb dumb and hoping you'd erase the fines.