Sunday, July 27, 2008

It opens?

Wow...just wow...

So, a kid, we'll call him Green Striped T, comes up to the desk and says:

Green Striped T: Where is the index section?
Real Librarian: We don't have an index section, what is it that you are looking for?
GST: I need two books.
RL: Ok, well, I can look those up for you, do you have the titles?
GST: Well, I don't know what books, my teacher just told me to go to the index section and pick 2 books.
RL: Um, ok... Well, what grade are you going into?
GST: Fifth.
RL: **hands GST a brochure with library recommended reading for Fifth graders** Here you go, you can take a look through this and see if there are any titles you are interested in, and I'll look them up for you.
GST: Ok.

A minute later, GST comes back to the desk and plops down two picture books (both books were toddler or preschool level).

GST: Are these Fifth grade books?
RL: No, actually, those are for much younger kids. Did you look at the thing I gave you? Look through it and pick out a couple titles.
GST: This thing has titles on it?
RL: Didn't you open it?
GST: It opens?
RL: Uh, yeah (unfolds the obviously folded brochure to show GST the titles).
GST: Well, how was I supposed to know that?

Um...Ooookay... I'm trying to help you, kid! Anyway, reading the titles on the recommended reading brochure was apparantly way too hard, so he just gave it back to me. And walked away with two easy books that will DEFINITELY not meet his summer reading criteria.


brainella said...

You can't hear it, but I'm laughing WITH you. :-)

Christy said...


Steenie said...

O. Dear. Lord. How did this child even make it to the 5th grade? Wow, KS... you have some patience :)