Sunday, September 30, 2007

Your Shelves! home library project

One of the blogs that I stalk, Kimbooktu, has a library project going on that I think it too cool. It's called Your Shelves! (previously called Your Home Library), and Kimbooktu is calling, well, everyone, to submit a picture of their Home Library.

Check out the Original Post explaining the project.

There are pictures of personal libraries from all over the world, which I think is amazing. If you know anyone who has a personal collection, be sure to tell them about Your Shelves! and encourage them to submit a picture!!

Also, if you write a 'Bookish Blog,' let Kimbooktu know about it! She's got a great listing of bookish blogs if you are looking for a new one to stalk...I mean, read...

Here's a big shout out to Kim from Kimbooktu! WHOOOT WHOOOOOOOOT!! =)

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