Monday, September 24, 2007

Typical Sunday - complete with bitchy patrons

Sundays are always crazy busy at my library. We are only open for 3 hours, and even on the most beautiful day (like yesterday was), people FLOCK to the library to use the computers. Yesterday, however, seemed even busier than a typical Sunday.

The computer reservation station stopped making reservations about an hour and a half before closing time. There is only one reason for that - there are no more reservations to be had!! The number one question of the day was "Why won't it let me make a reservation?" Of course, we had some great alternatives to that question, and a lot of times we had to ask for further clarification

"It said no." (Um, what?)
"I put in my number, what's wrong?"

And, one of my favorites: "Why won't it let me make a reservation when there are all these computers open?" Um, because those computers already have reservations for them. Seriously, you can't figure that out?

But this post is not about the computers and all the crazy computer patrons. This post is about something worse.

Let's set the scene. I am working the desk with one of my favorite coworkers, L. She is helping someone at the desk when the phone rings, so I go to answer it. By the time I am speaking with the person on the phone, L has finished helping the person in front of her. That's when the girl I'm going to call Bitchy Patron walked up to the desk.

Bitchy Patron (looking directly at Real Librarian - who, might I remind you is ON THE PHONE): Blah blah blah blah. (*I wasn't listening to her, I was on the phone with a NICE patron).
Fabulous Coworker L: She's on the phone right now, but I would be glad to help you.
BP: UGH!! You people are SO RUDE!! Especially YOU (pointing to FCL).

Even after that, FCL goes to help this bitch. A couple minutes later, while I am standing alone at the reference desk, THIS happens:

BP (while walking by): You are just so miserable because you are SO FUCKING FAT.
Real Librarian: EXCUSE ME?!?!?!
BP: Yup, that's why you treat people like SHIT.

And then she was gone. I sat there and sputtered for a minute, realized that about 30 people heard the exchange and they were all staring at me, then I ran into the back room to regroup.

I just gotta know what makes someone say something like that?? I literally said NOTHING to this woman to warrant such a reaction. And even if I had, it is totally uncalled for to make personal attacks - you know NOTHING about me. If you want to bitch about my professionalism, that's one thing.

This exchange caused 2-3 regular patrons to approach my fabulous coworker, L, and tell her that I have always been nice to them and that they were sorry that people treat us like that.

While it doesn't happen too terribly often, things like this do happen. We are offering this amazing service to you - FOR FREE - and you are treating the people who are HELPING YOU like shit. Really, what makes you think this is okay?!?!?!

I'd say we deserve a little respect, don't you?


Leslie said...'s LesRoy from the book board, and yes, you guys definitely deserve some respect. I used to be a food server and bartender, and while no one said specifically that I was fat, I heard quite a few other colorful phrases. I will never understand why people treat others the way they do. I'm surprised that someone would treat a librarian this way; I just didn't think it happened. I'm sorry to hear that it does. :(

A Real Librarian said...

Leslie - I am sorry that happened to you, too!! I have a deep respect for people in the service industry, I know I could never be a server!!
I'm with you - I don't understand why people think it's okay to treat others with such hatefulness and disrespect.

Thanks for your comment!!

magiquarian1969 said...

Responses for Bitchy Patron:

1. "I've got just enough extra weight to kick your ass BEEYOTCH!!"

2. "Get away from me before I shove this pencil up your ass."

3. "If you think I have to put up with you and your bullshit, think again."

4. "Go have another latte and fuck off."

5. My personal favorite, "You're just pissy cause you need to have your roots done."

bridejenn said...

LMAO at responses for Bitchy Patron!!! Bitchy patron obviously has not been laid in years and now is going straight to hell.

You are such an amazing person with an awesome husband and tons of friends. While I know hearing something like that must be so hurtful, I hope you know in your heart that you really are a drop dead beautiful person - inside AND out. You rock my face off! MUAH!

CRS said...

I just don't get it. How could someone be so rude to ANY human being, let alone someone HELPING her? WTF.