Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Library question of the day

There is this woman who comes in a quite a bit. I have helped her before on the computer because she is taking online PhD. classes, and was totally lost and confused. This was back around the time when I was still planning the wedding, so she knew that DH and I were getting married soon. I see her in here often, but we rarely chat.

This concludes the extent of our communication. Until today...

PhD. Woman: Sooo, are you pregnant yet?
Real Librarian: Ummmm, no.
PhD.W: Why, girl? You're married now, you need to start having kids!!
RL: Just because I'm married doesn't mean I have to start poppin' out babies!!

There are so many comebacks to this question. My friend Stacy over at Clicking My Choos would probably have said "NUNYA!" (Nunya damn business!). And Lisa over at Life, Love & Soap would ask if she was willing to pay for them! HAHAHA

It just makes me wonder why people think that this is an okay question. First of all, I don't know you. Second of all, I don't appreciate people in my family asking this question, let alone some random stranger! Where is your filter? At least she didn't tell me I looked pregnant, right?

Anyway, no biggie. It's just another fun day at the 'brary!


Sarita said...

LMAO Katie Sue! People are SO inappropriate, it's ridics!

Courtney said...

My line is "if we had children, who would love the dog????"

Manda said...

At least she didn't go rubbing on your belly. I hated it when library patrons realized I was pregnant. For the most part, I had a counter between us, so they couldn't touch my belly. Some sneaky patrons did catch me on shelving duty and freaked me out.