Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ahh, patrons...


Real Librarian: Reference desk, can I help you?
Patron Caller: Uh, yeah, uh, uh, can you, uh, like, I need to find a book.
RL: Sure, do you have the title?
PC: Uh, well, no, uh, but like, the book was made into this awesome movie.
RL: Do you want the book or the movie?
PC: Uh, the MOVIE.
RL: Okay, do you know the title of the movie?
PC: Uh, no.
RL: *sigh* Okay, can you tell me what the movie was about, or who was in it?
PC: Uh, no, I haven't watched it, but my friend said it ROCKED!!

Okay, I might be damn good, but I don't think anyone could have found what this kid was looking for. In the end I asked him to call his friend and ask for the title of the movie. I never heard back from him, so I can't even tell you what the book/movie was.

And I can't be sure, but I would venture to guess that this kid was influenced by something a little...uh...wacky...


Rhonda said...

Wow...I would have gotten the winning lottery numbers from you if you were able to figure out the movie/book from that little info.

Amanda said...

COME ON! Everybody knows that book and movie! IT TOTALLY ROCKED!