Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Library question of the day

I'm walking through the library, on my way back from lunch. I had taken a walk with a couple of coworkers before we ate, so I had a bunch of stuff in my hands - including my jacket, tennis shoes, my purse and a water bottle.

A young man walks up to me and asks:

Young Man: Do you work here?
Real Librarian: (Trying to be polite, but to the point) Yes, actually, I do, but I'm at lunch right now. If you go to one of the reference desks, they will be happy to help you.

This actually happens pretty often. I'll be walking out with my coat on and all my stuff gathered and someone will ask me a library related question. Most of the time, I will stop to help them - cuz' I'm nice like that. But it can be a bit irritating.

Not quite as irritating as *this* story, though. I told some friends about this, and my friend Erin offered her own library encounter:

She was working at a library and stepped into the restroom to...go. The next thing she knows, a woman is saying "Excuse me...excuse me?" Then proceeded to ask her how much printing cost at the computer station. Um, HELLO!! I'm a little busy in here!!

Anyone have any other similar patron/customer stories they would like to share?

On a completely different note, FMRNS night last night was awesome!! Our feature of the evening was April Fool's Day (which is a great horror/thriller/mystery with a fabulous twist at the end!! Very entertaining - even though I am not a huge horror fan!!).

Now usually, we have something additional to watch. While America's Next Top Model was on, I taped the show on Wednesday, and we would watch it before the movie. When American Idol is on (it starts NEXT TUESDAY!!! OMG, I CAN'T WAIT!!!), we watch that before we start the feature. Last night, we started the movie pretty early and were excited to find that when it was over it was only 9:00!! So, we jumped in the car and headed to Hollywood Video, where we picked up The Simpson's Movie - which is also on the list. It was our very first DOUBLE FEATURE!!! So, I got to watch two fabulous movies in one night!!!


Mary M. said...

Oh, I am SO EXCITED for American Idol!! The first couple of weeks are my favorite - I can even get Mike to watch the idiots make fools of themselves. :)

Amanda said... I have "spider pig" in my head.

Carrie said...

Regarding library questions: I am a school librarian and have had teachers call me at home on weekends, vacations, and even over the summer to either 1. schedule library time for their classes, or 2. find an item for them, even though the catalog is online and available 24/7. Just so ya know. I think I've even had a bathroom question. Teachers have to take whatever opportunity is available - some of the best "conferences" are in the parking lot!