Sunday, January 13, 2008

Country studies?

I have a feeling there is a country study project due for a fourth or fifth grade class tomorrow. In the first 20 minutes of work today I was asked about these countries:


What's interesting is that only one of these questions came from the actual student. The rest were mom's saying "my child has a project."

Oh great, a little boy has pulled the fire alarm... Where was his mom? Not paying any attention. Nice.

And when the fire alarm went off, the heater broke.

Did I mention that patrons are already complaining about their long wait times to get on the computer? *sigh* It's going to be a great day - and we're only 45 minutes into it.


Hedgehog Librarian said...

I hope you have Culturegrams...either in print or online format. Those bailed me out of more random country projects than I can count.

(Check the adult reference...often there if you don't have online access)

Good luck!

Arielle said...

Sorry I've been MIA for a bit! Been catching up on your blog just now. :) A big move, eh? Good luck! I thought it was difficult when Rick and I bought our house this past spring and had to move 15 minutes away from where we already lived. Haha. But a new state is a big thing! I'm sure everything will work out for the best. I wish you luck on the job search. I can't say that I have much advice on the subject as I am a caseworker, get paid a horrible wage, and am constantly looking for a new job myself! I have an English degree so being a caseworker isn't really my cup of tea, but it is rewarding! (I have a degree in Women's Studies as well, so I use that more in my job.) The best advice is don't sell yourself short. Don't shoot lower for a salary expectation if you feel you deserve more. If it's the right job for you, your potential will be realized and you should get paid what you deserve. Keep us updated!

Rhonda said...

LOL.....I think that you have the most intersting job. I must confess that I never thought of a library as entertaining or interesting until I met you!