Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spooky Wednesday!!

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Ok, that's my weird attempt at making a spooky ghost noise through the computer. Just imagine me trying to freak you out. Did it work?

Anyway, since it's so close to Halloween, I thought we'd do books about Halloween and books about pumpkins. I've heard from some families that they don't "do" Halloween, which is why I broke it up with some pumpkin books (in which, the pumpkins eventually turn into jack-o-lanterns...sneaky, huh?)

It's Pumpkin Time by Zoe Hall

Halloween Night by Elizabeth Hatch

Pumpkin, Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington

Can I get a WHOOT WHOOOT for Wednesday?!?!?! Of course, it's FMRNS night!!! Tonight, we've decided to watch a drama, since we haven't watched one since I've been back to town! The movie is a drama from 1970 called A Man Called Horse, starring Richard Harris. I'm looking forward to it!! Of course, we also get to watch ANTM tonight, too, which totally rocks my face off!! Who will be eliminated tonight?

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