Saturday, October 23, 2010

Please welcome - Zak Morgan!!!

We were very lucky to be able to welcome an awesome children's musical guest at my library recently. Zak Morgan is a Grammy Nominated Children's musician, and he performed a fabulous show here!!!
Zak used music, magic, theater and comedy to encourage children to use their imaginations and read. What's so great about Zak is that he has this amazing attitude - he's been performing for years, and you can tell it's what is in his heart. He's not afraid to get down and get silly, and he's not afraid to challenge the kids with "big" words.
The show at our library was a smaller show, and Zak was simply amazing. His attitude and his personality drew out laughter, participation and silly faces from the kids - and he even got one very shy girl to come out of her shell to dance and clap around with the other kids!!
If you are thinking about a fun musical program for your library or school, seriously, check out Zak's website - Zakland!!! He performs shows all over the country - about 200 shows a year! - so really, you should look into his services, because the program was amazing!!!
I've also had a chance to listen to Zak's latest CD, The Candy Machine, and it is really great. Zak's website describes it as "a poetic concept album for the entire family, in which the precocious Suzy and her timid younger brother Joe embark on a selfish search for the elusive Island of Sugar, but discover the Golden Rule instead." The music is a lot of fun - I highly enjoyed it! You should also check out "When Bullfrogs Croak" (the CD that was nominated for a Grammy!!!), and "Bloom."
Anyway, check this guy out, order his music, book him for shows, see if he's going to be in your area. It's worth it, he's great!!! Oh, and he has awesome shoes. Just sayin.'

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