Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Library question of the day

As I was walking in to work this morning, there was this little family - a mom, a dad, and an 18 month(ish) old little boy. Now, I get to work 30 minutes before the library opens, so needless to say, we weren't going to be opening for another 30 minutes.

The family is walking up to the door, and they were about to try open the door when...

Real Librarian: I'm sorry, the library doesn't actually open for another 30 minutes.
Young Dad: Oh, that sucks. Can we come in anyway?
RL: Um...no, I'm sorry.

Can we come in anyway?!?! Because we frequently let people in before or after hours...

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Stephanie said...

I always used to find that SO creepy when working with the public! They'd get there early and just sit outside (the worst ones would try the doors every five seconds, the same doors where our hours were clearly stated). Really? You need to buy fabric that badly at 8 am? Or rent a video/play the Lottery? REALLY? Weird. Just weird. The only time I've ever been early was when a store opened strangely late (the mall opens at noon on Sundays?!?) and I had no clue and was foolish enough to assume they kept regular business hours instead of checking first.