Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Story time with a special guest!!

I am very excited today because Miss Lynn is coming to Sing Songs Old and New!!! HOOOORAY!!!!!! I've had Miss Lynn come to do story time before, and she is ALWAYS a big hit!!

She's also coming out with a CD of her awesome music soon - stay tuned, I promise to get you the deets on that as soon as I get them!!!

And, yet another exciting thing about Tuesday - FMRNS!!! Hell to the YEAH baby!!!! Last week, we decided to go with the movie Monte Python's Life of Brian, a comedy from 1979 with Graham Chapman and John Cleese. HILARIOUS!!!

Also last week, we had a Saturday Movie Marathon!!! Both A and I were feeling a bit under the weather, so we curled up with some Matzah Ball soup from Noshville (YUM!!) and a bunch of movies. First we watched Sex and the City - which, of course, was FABULOUS!!! After that, we were in for a bit of a drama with The China Syndrome from 1979 with Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon and Michael Douglas. And then, we went in a totally different and very fun direction with Wigstock: the movie - a documentary from 1995. Seriously - what a fabulous way to spend a Saturday!!!

This week, we've decided to go with Fiddler on the Roof, a musical from 1971 with Topol and Norma Crane.

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Barrie said...

I'm watching 21 this week. I uploaded it to my ipod and watch it in 20-minute elliptical segments!