Thursday, September 18, 2008

Funny - the difference of opinion

Forgive me. I know I shouldn't have. And I usually don't. But, when the teenage girl (15?) at the computer directly in front of me starts practically jumping out of her chair laughing and clapping, I am intrigued by what she's looking at.

I look up from my computer at my desk to see that she's watching a YouTube video of two teenagers beating the shit out of each other. They are kicking, screaming, pulling hair, punching and she's sitting at the computer LAUGHING and CLAPPING. Is this really what things are coming to? Why the fuck is that funny?

I just don't understand...

Want to know what makes me jump out of my chair laughing and clapping? The Evolution of Dance. EVERY.TIME. Yeah, there might even be snorting...

And, on a totally unrelated note, today is my One Monthiversary from the day I QUIT SMOKING!!!! GOOOO MEEEEEEE!!!!!


brainella said...

I have no clue why kids think it is funny to beat on each other. Rather distressing, no?

The Evolution of Dance is one of my favorites too.

And congratulations! I hope you kick the habit forever!

Jacks2583 said...

YAYYYYYYY Congratulations!!! one whole month without those nasty cigarettes!! You are doing GREAT!

Stephanie said...

Congrats on your year free of smoking!!

When that big story came out about those girls who trapped the girl in the house and beat her for an hour or daughter was watching it on the news. It made me so proud to see how horrified she was. We had a good talk about it.

I think if I had been in the library and saw that girl laughing......I would have 'accidently' unplugged the computer or something. That's just sickening.

Carrie said...

1. Congrats! I'm STILL fighting smoking, but just think of how it's the best thing for you (and your wallet!)

2. Have you ever seen Idiocracy? Kids like that are proof we are headed in that exact direction.

3. Evolution of Dance = hysterical. But whoever taught that man to do the Cotton-Eyed Joe was just WRONG. :D