Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chugga-chugga Tuesday

After noticing that I have never done a train specific story time (well, during the life of my blog, anyway), I decided it was about time! I found some great train books out there (which are listed in our catalog as under the subject "railroads trains juvenile fiction", NOT "trains juvenile fiction" as I had assumed. After searching for "trains juvenile fiction" and finding only about 12 books, I figured there was a problem).

Anyway, here are the books that I chose for today's story time!

The Goodnight Train by June Sobel

Dinosaur Train by John Steven Gurney

Clickety-Clack by Rob and Amy Spence

And, as always, it's FMRNS!!! WHOOOOOOOT!!!!! A and I were lucky enough to be able to get together a couple times this past week to have Bonus Night of FMRNS! We watched The Pink Panther Strikes Again, from 1976 with Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom and Lesley-Anne Down. We also watched True Grit, from 1969 with John Wayne, Glenn Campbell and Kim Darby (not to mention Robert Duvall and Dennis Hopper) - the only western on the list.

This evening, A and I are going to watch a silent film from 1927 called Metropolis. It's been a while since we watched a silent film (the last one was Nosferatu, from 1922 based on the Dracula story), so I am excited!!


brainella said...

Which of the train books do you like best? My son loves trains.

Also -- how did you like True Grit?

A Real Librarian said...

Out of those three, Clickety Clack is my favorite!! But, all three of them are really good (and one even has DINOSAURS!!)

True Grit was awesome!! I really like John Wayne, and damn, those other boys (Glenn Campbell, Robert Duvall and Dennis Hopper) all look so young! Of course, it was all testosterone, but a good (I mean fabulous!) movie just the same!!