Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Astronauts and Rockets!!!

It's going to be a FABULOUS story time today!!! In keeping with the Starship Adventure Summer Reading theme, I decided to read books about Astronauts and Rockets!! Here are the books I chose:

A Brave Spaceboy by Dana Kessimakis Smith

I Want to Be an Astronaut by Byron Barton

On the Launch Pad: A counting book about rockets by Michael Dahl

And, of course, it's FMRNS!!! WHOOOOOT!!!!! This past week, A and I had Double Feature Friday, which is always exciting!! I got a month long trial membership to NetFlix, and was able to get a couple of the movies we've had problems finding.
For Double Feature Friday, we watched Blaze, a drama from 1989 with Paul Newman and Lolita Davidovich (who was incredible!!). Our second feature of the evening was The Golden Child, a comedy from 1986 with Eddie Murphy and Charles Dance.

Our feature for this evening will be a foreign film, King of Masks, a drama from 1996 with Zhigang Zhang and Zhigang Zhao. I'm looking forward to it!!! We also have 3 hours of Shoobie (also known as So You Think You Can Dance) AND Hell's Kitchen!!! It's going to be FABULOUS!!!

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Mary said...

I've never seen any of those movies - you'll have to let me know how they are!