Monday, June 2, 2008

It's all about Summer Reading!!

Well, life at the 'brary is about to get interesting!!! Today is the official start of the Summer Reading Program - also known as Starship Adventure!!! WHOOOOT!!!!!

Summer Reading is great because the kids are so excited to read!! We give out prizes if they read (or listen to!) so many books, which just gives a little extra push! The prizes include a "Choose your Own Prize" which allows for free entry in to ONE of 6 different places (including The Adventure Science Center, Nashville Shores, or Wave Country!!

We also have some great programming coming up this summer! We have Miss Lynn coming in to sing, Conductor Jack from the band The Zinghoppers is coming to perform, Bedtime Stories, Star Catching with the Dyer Observatory, and a "Crafternoon" program where the kids will be making their own Rockets, UFO's and Aliens!! These programs are just a TASTE of what is going to be going on at the library for kids this summer!!

So, head to your local library to see what's shakin for the summer! You'll be glad you did!!

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