Monday, June 16, 2008

Library question of the day

Computer lady sits down at a computer after making a reservation. After a minute she airplane waves at me (I HATE it when people do this!!!) and beckons me over to her computer.

Computer Lady: This computer says available, why can't I enter in my card number?
Real Librarian: Can I see your reservation? (woman hands over slip). Um, your reservation is for computer number 1.
CL: **Looks at me all confused**
RL: This is computer number 32.
CL: Ooooohhhhhhhhh!!

Um, yeah, you could have come to the desk for that - you had to get your butt off your chair anyway. And please, READ your reservation ticket!!!


Carrie said...

Is an "airplane wave" what I think it is - a giant windmill-looking gesture that gets the attention of everyone within a 50 yard radius?

A Real Librarian said...

HAHA - yup, that's the one!!!

Arielle said...

Oh my goodness! PLEASE forgive me for having been MIA so long from commenting on your blog. I was just catching up and while I don't have time to comment on every post, I did want you to know I am reading!

I love your little library stories like this. :)