Thursday, June 26, 2008

Props to the good parent

Usually I post complaints about the parents who maybe shouldn't be parents. We seem to have a lot of them coming in to the library.

But today, I want to give props to a mom who brought her (very lively) 2 year old into the library today.

Mom needed to use the computers to fill out a job application, so she pulled up a chair for her daughter (after asking if it was okay to pull up a chair!), then set the little girl up with a pencil and a bunch of little scraps of paper. This little girl wasn't too excited about drawing, but she did sit still for a little while. When she tired of that, she was up out of her seat. But, Mom ALWAYS had her eye on her, never letting her get more than a couple feet away. When the little girl started talking too loud, mom politely asked her to keep it down. The Mom was on top of it, and it was really refreshing to see.

When she was done on the computer, she threw all the scrap pieces of paper away, brought back the pencil and returned the chair to where she found it.

I have to admit, I was very impressed!! So, here's to you, fabulous mom!!! WHOOOOOOT WHOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!


Carrie said...

We don't see enough of these anymore. She does deserve kudos - thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

Yay for an attentive mom - too many of them let their little ones run wild!