Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I lost my Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!!! Happy SUPER Tuesday!!! My branch of the library is known as a Fail Safe Voting site. Meaning, you can vote here, but ONLY if you have a name change, an adress change, or some other kind of problem. Well, some people don't really appreciate this - they SWEAR this is their regular voting site. We've NEVER been a regular voting site on election day - only early voting. I've been at work since 6:45 - the voting started promptly at 7. I've already had quite a few voters yell at me because of this.

Anyway, back to story time - the most exciting part of the morning!!! I decided to read books about lost things, and today we've lost (and found!!) a bunny, a moo, and a teddy bear!!! Here are the books that I am reading today.

And of course, it's FMRNS!!! We have a couple of options for tonight's feature. Antonia's Line, from 1995, is a foreign Dramedy with Willeke van Ammelrooy and Els Dottermans. Our second option is It's a Wonderful Life, the classic Christmas story from 1946 with James Stewart and Donna Reed. Now, I know what you are thinking. "You never seen It's a Wonderful Life?!?!" No, I haven't. Well, at least not all the way through from start to finish. I've seen a bit here, a piece there, and I know about the movie. But, it's true, I have never seen the whole film.

And back to Super Tuesday. The Book Club Girl Blog posted a great post yesterday for those of you who want to vote, but are still undecided on who to vote for. The book is called The Undecided Voters Guide to the Next President by political analyist Mark Halperin, and it is currently online and free!!! I hear it's the essential reading guide so you can make the most informed decision about who you believe will make the best President. View it online for free until February 11.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Remember to get out there and VOTE!!! =)

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Arielle said...

It's a Wonderful Life----great movie!!!!!! One of my favs. Have to watch it every Christmas. :)