Thursday, January 6, 2011

The crack is back!!!

Now, when I say "the crack is back," you might remember this post about a frequent patron, but fortunately I can say that I have not seen that particular crack lately!!

No, no, I am talking about a much more dangerous form of crack. You might remember a post from months ago about some evil little crack dealers who stake out in stores and ambush innocent people who are just trying to go about their business.

Well, I've been ambushed again. I think I was the first person that these little crack dealers came running to, because they KNOW I'm a sucker.

As you recall, when I say "crack dealer," what I really mean is "girl scout."

Anyway, these 2 (TWO!! They're taking a joint ambush approach!) perky little crack dealers come running up to me (why are they always so cute?) AT WORK, can you believe it?!

Perky Little Crack Dealer 1: Miss Reeeaaaaaallllllllll!!!! We have some crack for yoooouuuu!!!!
Real Librarian: Oooohhhhh, no you don't. I know your tricks, I'm not falling for it this time!
PLCD2: But this is the highest quality crack!!
RL: No, you don't understand, I really don't like crack.
PLCD1: Just think, if you don't order your crack now, you won't have any crack!!!
RL: But...
PLCD2: Come on, you knoooooow you want some!!!
RL: *sigh* Yes, yes, I do.

And even though those perky little crack dealers take checks, I actually had some cash on me!! So, in a few short weeks, I will be the proud owner of two boxes of Samoas, and two boxes of Thin Mints. But not for long - I can only imagine the Samoas probably won't last through the day. The Thin Mints will last a little longer, but only because they have to be put in the freezer before enjoying. *drool*

Anyway, click here to find out where to buy your own crack - I mean Girl Scout Cookies!!!


bermudaonion said...

We didn't see a single Girl Scout selling cookies here last year. Hopefully they'll hit us up this year.

Anonymous said...

Cookie time already? Yay!

Amanda said...

For some reason the crack dealers never find me. But boy if I find someone who has samoas or thin mints I want one. I'd love for the crack dealers to find me :)