Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Story time with Miss Lynn!!!

I was super excited to have a very special guest grace my preschool story time on Wednesday!!! Miss Lynn, the fabulous children's musician and wonderful friend of yours truly, performed an awesome show!!!

She sang classic tunes from her first CD, Outside the Lines, as well as music from her latest release, Something New!! The kids were a little mellow at first, but Miss Lynn definitely got them moving around and participating!!

A quick story: the day before Miss Lynn was expected, I got a phone call...

Excited Mom: I'm going to be driving from about an hour away, I just wanted to make sure we'd get a place to sit if we got there right on time...

Real Librarian: Oh, I am expecting quite a few people for the special guest, but I am sure you will be able to find a place to sit!

EM: Oh, good!! We just love Miss Lynn!!! I don't know what my boys are going to do when they actually see her live and in person!!!

How exciting is that? They knew all the words to the song, and even jumped in with some interesting ad-libbing!! HAHAHAHA!!!

Anyway, good times had by all. Check out Miss Lynn's website, listen to her music, buy her CDs. And if you are in Nashville (or anywhere else, really!) and are in need of some good Children's entertainment, get in touch with her. You never know, Miss Lynn could grace your story time or event, too!!!! I promise you won't be disappointed!!!

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