Monday, November 8, 2010

A puppy story time!

Once again, it's Monday!! The Second Best Day of the Week!!!

Today was my second Toddler Story Time, and it's already growing!! I had some great books about dogs, so I just had to share them with the kids!!

I've decided that the opening song for Toddler Story Time is going to be If You're Happy and You Know It, a version from the Favorite Children's Songs CD. I like this version because it gets them up and moving around a little bit more (turn around, jump for joy) before we settle in for the stories.

The first book I read was Bark George by Jules Feiffer. Classic!!!

After we read the first story, we all did the Itsy Bitsy Spider song with, of course, the finger play actions. I had originally planned on singing BINGO, but three of my little ones were VERY little, and a mom requested Itsy Bitsy Spider. Since I'm flexible, we sang that instead.

The second book I read was Dog Wants to Play by Christine McDonnell.

Then, I got the kids back up again for a song called The Freeze on the We All Live Together 2 CD by Greg and Steve. Very fun, though it took the littlest ones some time to figure it all out!

Then, it was time for the interactive play time, where I brought out some fun toys. I love getting down on the floor with them and playing!!! The little ones just crowded around me and we had some great fun!!!

Toddler story time is a bit more of a challenge, though. The books I picked were age appropriate, but I had a couple really young ones who were over sitting still by the time we finished the second book - even though we had a song in the middle. I might rethink that, and do a major action song (like The Freeze) in between the books to get them moving around more in the middle... Hmm...

Does anyone have any thoughts or tips for Toddler Story Time? It's always a work in progress, and I'd LOVE to hear about your experiences!!

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