Thursday, November 11, 2010

Library question of the day

Real Librarian: **answering phone** Fabulous Public Library - Most Awesome Branch. May I help you?
Person on Phone: Yes, is this the Most Awesome Branch of the Fabulous Public Library?
RL: Um...yes, yes it is...

Sorry, I just think that's funny.


Miss Christine said...

Do they make you say that? I worked as a receptionist for a long time and I always lean to the sparser intro - the caller doesn't want to hear all of that. Now I just say, "Youth Services" but they aren't dialing the number directly, either (going through a phone system to get to that point).

a real librarian said...

Well, I was helping at our circulation desk, which is the first point when people call the library, so yeah, they do suggest something formal like that. When I answered the transfer calls from the front desk to the children's desk, I would usually answer "Children's."