Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How do I choose?

Story time is a completely different animal for everyone who does it. Some people like to stay within a theme and read books about one topic, and center their songs and crafts around the theme. Other people are more random in their book selection - choosing new books that come in that week, or choosing their favorites as they come across their desks.

I do a random story time every once in a while (in fact, I have a random story time post coming up soon!), but, as you may know, I usually center my story times around a certain theme, and all the books, songs and crafts usually follow.

I do a lot of animal themes, because animal books are easily found and available. I could probably do a cat theme for months and never repeat a book. I also do themes based on things that every kid has or does, for instance my Hair story time (which was FABULOUS, and the kids loved it!), and maybe Bath stories, or more Bath stories (and even more Bath stories) and even one about Manners. I also had a Tooth story time (post coming soon)!!

I do get some outside help finding books, however, and I need to give props to a couple of FABULOUS websites and blogs.

Storytime Source Page
Awesome Storytime
storytime katie
SurLaLune Storytime

I also get a lot of craft and song ideas online, too!! Here are some of my favorite sites!!

All Kids Network
Kids Soup
Preschool Education
Perpetual Preschool

Anyway, I hope this helps to get you started!! I've been so fortunate to have found some good resources - there are some amazing children's librarians out there who are really up on their kid lit!!! If you know of any other good sites - feel free to share them in the comments section!!

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Miss Christine said...

Love it! I'd say I often look to your site - :) - but I don't have as wide of a variety of books that you have at your ready, so I often have to wing it. Once I have a theme, my first stop for fingerplays and songs is Perry (Ohio) Public Library's site - http://www.perrypubliclibrary.org/Kids/Programs/storytime_themes.htm. It's a small city but they're doing amazing stuff.