Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scrubba Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!!! This morning, I decided to find some good stories about Bath Time! It's been a while since I've done this theme, and I found some really cute books!!!

Little Bunny's Bathtime! by Jane Johnson

To Bathe a Boa by C. Imbior Kudrna

Scrubba Dub by Nancy Van Laan

(Previous Bath Time Story Time)

And, of course, it's FMRNS!!! I think I caught you all up on all the movies we watched last week. We didn't manage to watch The Bells of St. Mary's, a drama from 1945, with Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman. so I think that's what's on the schedule for tonight.

Our Weeds marathon on Sunday was freakin AWESOME!!!! I just love that show - and all of the characters are spot on. Everyone brings such a great air to the show!!! Anyway, now I am DYING to watch Season 4!!!

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