Thursday, June 9, 2011

One World, Many Stories - Whoever You Are

Hello, everybody!!!! Summer Reading just started on Monday, and it is already crazy!!! I can't say I'm sad about that, though - it's seriously way too much fun!!! I am SO HAPPY to be back in the Summer Reading saddle after being away from it for two years. I promise you, story time and summer reading crazyness is WAY MORE FUN than folding panties for 8 hours. Jus' sayin.'

Anyway, this year the Summer Reading Theme is One World, Many Stories. I thought I would bring a little multiculturalism to my preschoolers, and it was AWESOME!!!

Opening Song: Shake My Sillies Out - Raffi

Hello! Good-bye! by Aliki

Song: Twinkle, Twinkle. We first sang it in English, and then I had asked a nanny of one of the regular story time kids (before story time - I didn't TOTALLY spring it on her...well, kinda!) if she would be willing to say it in Spanish!!!

Book: Everybody Bonjours by Leslie Kimmelman (can I just tell you how cute it is to have a bunch of preschoolers say "Bonjour!")

Song: Frere Jaques

Book: Whoever You Are by Mem Fox (FABULOUS book about being different yet the same. LOVED it!!!)

Song: The Freeze by Greg and Steve

Book: Hello World: Greetings in 42 Languages Around the Globe by Manya Stojic (I selected a bunch for the kids to practice with me - this book was awesome because it also showed the words phonetically spelled out so I could say it the right way!! Again, how cute is it hearing little preschoolers say "Konnichiwa!!" and "Namaste!!")

Craft: We made "Multicultural Handprint Wreaths" with a little Earth in the center. I thought they looked a little dull with just "skin toned" colors, so I decided we would do all the colors I had. I told the parents we included Avatars and Aliens, hahaha!

WHOOT WHOOOT FMRNS!!!!! First, we watch Shoobie (LOVE IT!!!) Vegas week is upon us!!! After that, we watched an amazing documentary!!! Stonewall Uprising, a documentary from 2010 that tells about the massive 1969 police raid of Stonewall in New York City. I was just shocked to hear some of the things that were discussed in this film. The treatment of homosexual people in the 60's was appalling, and this film documents one of the events that helped forge the gay liberation movement. Very interesting!!!

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